1980’s Fashion Accessories : Nameplates

1980’s Fashion Accessories : Nameplates


Name Plates are a familiar site in hip-hop today, This was inspired as early as the 1980’s in Hip-hop culture. Here we see Nelly’s Silver (Iced) Name Plate and St. Louis rams Chain which has an Estimated worth of: $6000+ each. The “Grillz” hitmaker and St. Louis native is known for showing his NFL team pride in concerts via his signature 18-inch pendant, which he couples daily with an 18-inch nameplate pendant. Further showing his taste in high-end luxury, Nelly said in a 2000 interview, “Where I’m from, this Rolex could take care of the whole block for a year. It’s crazy like that, but this is something you work for.” and many rappers use it to show off their worth in hip-hop.


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